July 2018

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Russia, China consider joint space station – source – Satellite News Digest

Russia’s Roskosmos space corporation and its Chinese counterparts signed a number of agreements on space co-operation last month during a summit between Presidents Putin and Xi. The agreements followed a deal signed in March on Russian-Chinese co-operation in the exploration of the moon and outer space, and the creation of joint orbital groups. http://www.sat-nd.com/archive/?id=2018070502

Aerospace achieves major milestone with CUMULOS – Satellite News Digest

The Aerospace Corporation announced that it achieved first light on an infrared sensor suite named CubeSat Multispectral Observing System (CUMULOS), which was flown as a secondary payload on the Integrated Solar Array and Reflectarray Antenna (ISARA) CubeSat–a mission managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), operated by Aerospace, and sponsored by NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology…