March 2019

News on key developments at SupremeSAT, and general news on the Space and Satellite industry from across the web

ESA greenlight for UK’s air-breathing rocket engine – Satellite News Digest

ESA, together with the UK Space Agency (UKSA) recently reviewed the preliminary design of the demonstrator engine core of the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE), which Reaction Engines will use to undertake ground-based testing at test facility at Westcott, Buckinghamshire, which is currently under construction.

LM develops world-first LTE-over-satellite system – Satellite News Digest

Lockheed Martin said it has developed a new LTE-over-Satellite system designed to provide connectivity to remote regions, including areas without cellphone coverage, boats off-shore, or during natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, catastrophic floods or volcanoes. New hotspots connect existing phones to satellites for reliable 4G connections.

Delay of the day: Vega/PRISMA – Satellite News Digest

The Vega launch, designated Flight VV14 in Arianespace’s numbering system, which will deliver the PRISMA (PRecursore IperSpettrale della Missione Applicativa) Earth observation satellite to Sun-synchronous orbit, has been rescheduled to allow for additional checks.