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Advantech VSAT Engage

Advantech Wireless’ 1.2m-flyaway VSAT terminal, Engage class. Photo: Advantech Wireless

[Via Satellite 10-13-2015] Advantech Wireless has completed the delivery of a multi-million-dollar order of 1.2m Engage-class high-performance VSAT flyaway terminals. The terminals were for a military customer in Latin America.

Advantech Wireless’ 1.2m Engage VSAT solution is a fully integrated tri-band system. The terminal is based on a high efficiency, ruggedized tri-band 1.2 Meter motorized auto-acquire antenna, which can cover X-band, Ku-band, or Ka-band, by replacing the feed only.

The units are user deployable and compliant to both MIL STD 188-164A and MIL-STD 810F. Additionally, the terminals have a built-in triple access mode satellite modem using Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT-2), allowing the same modem to operate in three different access waveforms.

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