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Advantech Wireless SapphireBlu

400W Low Ku-Band (12.75 – 13.25 GHz) SSPA/SSPB Second Generation GaN. Photo: Advantech Wireless

[Via Satellite 02-12-2016] Advantech Wireless has released a new Solid State Power Amplifier/Power Block (SSPA/SSPB). The SapphireBlu SSPA/SSPB, based on second generation Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, is designed to service satellites operating in the 12.75 to 13.25 GHz band.

The small form factor SSPA is designed to be hub mounted very close to the antenna’s flange input, eliminating losses through a waveguide, making it possible for a relatively small SSPA to transmit the signal by itself. Because of this efficiency, air conditioned shelters for a Klystron or indoor mounted High Power Amplifier (HPA) can be eliminated. According to Advantech Wireless, teleport operators can reduce their number of antennas using this product. Additionally, the unit operates as 1:1 redundant or 1+1 phase combined, to provide additional power when traffic demands it, and the unit has a built-in L-band interface Back-Up Converter without separate up converters.

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