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Air Traffic Control tower

An Air Traffic Control tower. Photo: Aireon

[Via Satellite 10-07-2015] Aireon has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Airservices Australia, Australia’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP). Airservices Australia will assess the concept of Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) solution.

The Aireon ADS-B solution will facilitate smooth transition with neighboring Flight Information Regions (FIR) while also lowering ground infrastructure costs, reducing costs to airlines and improving airspace safety, according to the company. Using ADS-B receivers launching as part of the Iridium Next satellite constellation, the solution is expected to be operative by 2018.
Airservices Australia manages air traffic control, aviation rescue and air navigation services for more than 20 million square nautical miles (51.7 million square kilometers) of airspace. This includes commanding air traffic operations for more than 90 million passengers on more than 4 million flights every year.
“We are interested in examining how space-based ADS-B could potentially be used in the future and will work with Aireon to determine the potential safety benefits of the technology and efficiency benefits it may offer for our customers, especially for oceanic services and in cross-boundary coordination with our neighbors,” said Greg Hood, executive general manager of air traffic control at Airservices Australia. “There is potential for space-based ADS-B to offer value not only to Airservices, but for all of our customer airlines, airports and search and rescue teams and we are keen to explore that in further detail.”

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