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Arabsat 5C before launch

Arabsat 5C before launch. Photo: Arianespace

[Via Satellite 03-04-2015] Arabsat and CETel, a global solutions provider for satellite- and fiber-enabled communications and networks, are starting a partnership with their jointly built Earth station, offering business expansion possibilities with the launch of CETel services over Arabsat’s extended C-band. The collaboration will include CETel’s teleport facilities, network and broadband services as well as solution design across the whole African continent, Middle East, Europe and Central Asia on board the Arabsat 5C satellite at 20 degrees east.

The companies plan to provide cost-effective communications solutions in rural areas through not only trunking and backhauling applications, but also corporate network connectivity between the regions and continents. With the extended C band now available, CETel and Arabsat have complemented their existing service-proven portfolio of satellite-enabled communications solutions.

“Service providers’ ever-increasing demand for capacity is satisfied by development of the extended C-band which gives wider room for expansion, not available anymore on congested normal bands. The possible applications, which are explored together with CETel, range from backhauling over connectivity for corporate networks up to governmental services,” said Khalid Balkheyour, president and CEO of Arabsat, and Via Satellite’s 2013 Satellite Executive of the Year.

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