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AEB Alcantara launch

The Alcântara Launch Center (CLA) Receiving equipment. Photo: AEB

[Via Satellite 08-28-2014] Brazil’s Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) plans to conduct a sounding rocket test at the Alcântara Launch Center in São Luis, Maranhão on Aug. 29. Launch VS-30 V13, designated Operation Fox, is the first Brazilian space vehicle to use liquid propellant.

Orbital Engineering and the IAE manufactured the liquid propellant, which uses a combination of ethanol and liquid oxygen. The rocket stands 10.8 meters in height and weighs 1.8 tons. The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) provided financial support for the project, as well as support for a joint Federal University of Rio Grande North (UFRN) and IAE GPS system.

Colonel Avandelino Santana Jr., general coordinator of Operation Fox said the test will pave the way for the domestic manufacture of other aerospace vehicles in Brazil. The German Space Agency (DLR) is operating mobile station telemetry for the test launch.

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