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Yahsat Orbital ATK GEOStar 3

Artist’s rendition of Al Yah 3. Photo: Yahsat

[Via Satellite 02-18-2016] TIM, the second largest mobile operator in Brazil, is in discussions with UAE-based satellite operator Yahsat around the use of Ka-band services in Brazil, commencing in 2017.

“TIM is looking for the best processes to minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency, supporting areas currently unserved or under-served by good terrestrial communications links, extending offerings across the interior of the country and reinforcing TIM’s key role for social and economic development of these areas. Therefore, we have been discussing the use of Ka-band in Brazil for backhaul with Yahsat and we are confident in Yahsat’s technical and operational platform to serve our future needs,” said Marcelo Duarte, head of wholesale at TIM Brazil.

Al Yah 3, Yahsat’s third satellite, is scheduled to launch in 2017 with Arianespace and expands the operator’s coverage into the Brazilian market. Yahsat has two geographically separated gateways for the satellite to counter outages due to heavy rain or ensure continuity during scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Orbital ATK is building the satellite, which will provide coverage to more than 95 percent of the Brazilian population.

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