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Caracol Television Caracol Internacional

Photo: Caracol Television, operator of Caracol Internacional

[Via Satellite 06-19-2015] DishLATINO has grafted Caracol Television’s Caracol Internacional channel into its programming lineup, bringing a greater amount of culturally relevant news and entertainment to Colombians and other Latin Americans living in the U.S. DishLATINO subscribers will have access to popular Colombian shows including Noticias Caracol (Caracol News), one of the top news programs in the country, Sábados Felices (Happy Saturdays), a variety show that has aired for more than 40 years, and Desafío (Challenge), a reality show in its 12th season. The network also airs a variety of telenovelas and television series produced in Colombia.

Caracol Television operates three cable channels: Caracol Internacional, which reaches 23 countries through cable and satellite platforms, and the Época y Novelas Caracol channels, for which broadcasts are limited to Colombia and have an audience of around 1.5 million households.

“The agreement with DishLATINO allows us to extend our coverage and participation in the U.S. Hispanic market and offers a great opportunity to further bring our content and TV offerings abroad,” said Alejandro Bernal, manager of new channels for Caracol Internacional.

The channel will be available on DishLATINO’s Plus, Dos and Max packages as well as the Latino Bonus Pack, a service that supplements Dish‘s English-language packages with Spanish-language programming.

“With approximately one million Colombians living in the United States, more than any other South American country, the addition of Caracol Internacional is both a natural programming fit and a way to further reach this growing audience,” said Alfredo Rodriguez, vice president, DishLATINO. “Adding popular, country-specific programming helps connect Latino consumers living in the U.S. with their roots.”

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