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Thuraya Dubai Police

A Thuraya XT handset in use. Photo: Thuraya.

[Via Satellite 11-24-2014] The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai Police has launched a new emergency service for the Thuraya XT handset. The Thuraya SOS service enables users to send a preprogrammed Short Message Service (SMS), or text message, by pressing the soft key on the right side of the keypad for two seconds. The Dubai Police will then receive an SMS with the users’ Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates from Thuraya’s primary gateway office. In remote emergency situations, users can send the automated message to receive help in areas lacking in connectivity.

“Our collaboration with Thuraya has enabled us to save the lives of many people who were lost or required emergency care in remote areas. Although the UAE is a highly connected nation, people still need to be aware that there will always be areas such as the desert and the sea that do not have mobile connectivity. When traveling in such areas, having a Thuraya XT handset can save their lives if they encounter any emergency,” said Maj. Gen. Khamis Mutar Khamis Al Muzainah, commander-in-chief of Dubai Police.

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