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Eutelsat 115 West B

Artist’s rendition of Eutelsat 115 West B. Photo: Eutelsat

[Via Satellite 10-14-2015] Elara Comunicaciones, a leading telecommunications provider in Mexico, has increased its supply of capacity from Eutelsat Americas. Based on a new agreement, Elara will have access to capacity on the Eutelsat 115 West B satellite, set to enter service this week, as well as on Eutelsat 117 West A. The new resources will allow Elara to provide a broad range of data services for high-performance applications such as corporate networks, government initiatives, broadband connectivity, cellular backhaul, energy and mobility services.

Eutelsat 115 West B covers Alaska, Canada, Mexico and South America with 24 C-band and 41 Ku-band equivalent transponders. It is the first all-electric satellite in Eutelsat’s global fleet. Eutelsat 117 West B, also all-electric, is scheduled to join Eutelsat 115 West B in the first quarter of 2016.

Elara and Eutelsat Americas have collaborated on the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport’s Mexico Conectado initiative, which seeks to provide broadband connectivity everywhere in the country. As a result of this agreement, Eutelsat will become Elara’s number one supplier of satellite capacity.

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