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Es'hail 1 Eutelsat 25B SSL

Es’hail 1 / Eutelsat 25B. Photo: SSL

[Via Satellite 02-04-2016] Al Rayyan 2, a satellite television channel launched in 2012 to showcase Qatari cultural and national identity, is now broadcasting to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region from Es’hail 1. The mission of Al Rayyan 2 is to make authentic Qatar known to the rest of the world and highlight typical Qatari traditional aspects of life.

Al Rayyan 2 broadcasts with Es’hailSat in High Definition, carrying programs featuring Qatari culture, tradition and religion in addition to entertainment, business, lifestyle, sports and other shows catering to women and children. The channel supports the Qatar 2030 Vision.

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