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Intelsat Paumalu Teleport

Intelsat’s Paumalu, Hawaii teleport. Photo: Intelsat

[Via Satellite 03-25-2015] Intelsat has awarded satellite communications RF signal distribution equipment specialist ETL Systems a contract to upgrade its teleport facilities. ETL Systems’ Enigma routers enable rapid switching time for continuous cycling through various channels to prevent missing an outage. Additionally, the Enigma matrix supports alarms and thresholds that customers can set to notify them of any signal weakening.

ETL System’s product will use specially designed software for Intelsat’s teleport operators to view up to 32 simultaneous open sessions for carrier monitoring. This 32 x 32 matrix can be modularly expanded up to 256 x 256 and features dual redundant power supplies. All of ETL System’s RF components are fully hot-swappable.


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