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[Via Satellite 12-192014] Eutelsat-developed GSM Demodulation Tool is now being offered to all members of the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) including new members joining throughout 2015. The tool, which Eutelsat demonstrated at the recent IRG workshop in London, uses a simple detector unit, a PC and mapping software to locate GSM beacons. In most cases the unit detects the mobile cell being received and thus pinpoints to one or a number of VSAT terminals in the area that are generating interference.

The tool has been developed to identify GSM retransmission interference, which can result from incorrectly installed or maintained RF cables connecting a modem to a block upconverter.

“In the past, operators have used modified legacy Nokia handsets to detect this problem. This new tool integrates into the main operation to make resolution much simpler. We are confident it will make a huge difference for users,” said Andreas Voigt, communication systems manager at Eutelsat.

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