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Boeing 777 IFC

Passengers using mobile devices on a Boeing 777. Photo: Doug (Flickr)

[Via Satellite 04-08-2015] In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) provider Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has teamed up with Waterfall, a mobile marketing company, to bring advertising to passengers on planes. The partnership enables advertisers to run campaigns on GEE’s AirTime IFEC solution with Waterfall’s mobile engagement solutions and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies. Advertisers will be able to create targeted advertisements for mobile devices leveraging IFC services.

“Inflight advertising today is still a relatively untapped business opportunity for both airlines and advertisers. Through Waterfall’s platform, we’re able to support airlines with their ancillary revenue strategies, as well as advertisers looking to invest in the unique in-flight environment through our wireless in-flight entertainment solution,” said Robin Cole, VP of marketing and global business development at GEE.

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