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Disaster Tech Lab

Disaster Tech Lab Oklahoma 2015 deployment. Photo: Disaster Tech Lab.

[Via Satellite 06-18-2015] Disaster Tech Lab is using satellite phones and Spot handheld messengers from Globalstar to improve the efficiency of its humanitarian rescue operations and enhance the safety of its volunteers in disaster zones. Disaster Tech Lab sets up networks and services that enable communications for aid organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as affected communities. Globalstar is now backing these services to work beyond the reach of terrestrial coverage.
Disaster Tech Lab’s volunteers in Nepal, setting up communications networks in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes, are already using Spot Gen3 units. The handheld devices automatically report the user’s location at regular intervals. The device includes a “check-in” button to send Disaster Tech Lab’s headquarters a prepared message indicating that all is OK, as well as an SOS feature in case of emergency.

Disaster Tech Lab’s communications and IT specialist volunteers are also using Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phones, currently free when activating on select airtime plans, to coordinate activities with the head office, such as planning the shipment of solar-powered satellite terminals.

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