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EpicNG satellite Intelsat

Artist rendition of an Intelsat EpicNG satellite. Photo: Intelsat.

[Via Satellite 06-19-2015] Intelsat has introduced IntelsatOne Flex for distribution partners serving the commercial air transport market. IntelsatOne Flex aggregates Intelsat’s current satellites, the upcoming EpicNG High Throughput Satellite (HTS) fleet and the IntelsatOne terrestrial network into a simplified ecosystem that enables Intelsat’s distribution partners to scale their service delivery capability to meet emerging In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) demands.

IntelsatOne Flex allows Intelsat’s distribution partners and their aeronautical customers to access bandwidth when and where it is needed the most without the complexity of managing multiple beams and satellites. In addition, it provides tiered Committed Information Rate (CIR) plans that mean Intelsat distribution partners can offer tailored services to the air transport sector.

IntelsatOne Flex uses iDirect Velocity, a ground infrastructure platform designed for large-scale global HTS networks, which has been fully optimized for Intelsat EpicNG to provide scalability, performance and higher throughput. Leveraging iDirect Velocity, IntelsatOne Flex incorporates features that have been optimized to the Intelsat EpicNG environment including next-generation remote and hub processing capabilities that enable significantly higher throughput rates and global bandwidth management ensuring seamless connectivity across multiple spot-beams, and very fast beam switching features. IntelsatOne Flex is fully integrated with Velocity’s companion network management system, Pulse, enabling Intelsat distribution partners to develop differentiated service offerings, create customized applications and system integration through open APIs and provide visibility for real-time monitoring, tracking and adjustment of vessel service levels.

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