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Isocel Telecom Benin Africa

An Isocel Telecom employee. Photo: Eutelsat

[Via Satellite 11-13-2014] Isocel Telecom, a top Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Benin, has entered a long-term agreement with Eutelsat for C-band capacity from the Eutelsat 3B satellite. The company has plans to use the capacity for a secure private network to support the country’s tax collection system.

Using satellite enables Isocel Telecom to link collection centers to the country’s central administration in the city of Cotonou that were previously unreached by terrestrial means. The C-band network is designed to function through the heavy rain experienced during Benin’s monsoon season, which stretches from April to November. Isocel Telecom will begin with the Eutelsat 3B service in December 2014.

“Through this first collaboration with Eutelsat we are expanding our portfolio of services with satellite communications and extending our coverage to the whole country, including to the most isolated regions,” said Robert Aouad, CEO of Isocel Telecom.

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