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Monics CMS Jaibru 1

Monics CMS to be integrated into the Jabiru 1 satellite. Photo: SAT Corporation

[Via Satellite 02-17-2015] Kratos Defense & Security Solutions’ subsidiary, SAT Corporation (SAT), has been awarded a contract to design, manufacture, install, test and deliver a Carrier Monitoring System (CMS) for NewSat‘s Jabiru 1 satellite. The system will include SAT’s MonicsCMS with SAT-DSP, which will give NewSat the ability to monitor payload traffic and to detect and analyze RF interference. The CMS will provide automatic carrier monitoring, interference detection and analysis of Jabiru Satellite Limited’s (JSL) entire constellation of satellites.

When in operation, Jabiru 1, built by Lockheed Martin, will provide capacity communications solutions and services to enterprise and government customers in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa (MENA). It will be Australia’s first commercial Ka-band satellite, providing 80MHz of bandwidth, according to NewSat CTO David Ball. Jabiru 1 is scheduled for launch in the first half of 2016.

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