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Maridive Group

Photo: Maridive Group

[Via Satellite 12-10-2015] Maridive Group, an Egypt-based international offshore marine and oil support services provider, has chosen to migrate 24 of its offshore support vessels to Marlink’s VSAT WaveCall Plus services, in addition to one new build vessel. The vessels will have access to higher bandwidth while using WaveCall Plus, which combines high-speed Ku-band connectivity including increased Maximum Information Rate (MIR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) with unlimited L-band back-up. Maridive Group will also have XChange, Marlink’s service delivery platform, which will allow Maridive to manage and control its communications network aboard and from shore. XChange will support Maridive’s IT support team to significantly reduce the time needed for network administration. The company’s crew and clients can also use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a ready-to-use Wi-Fi solution to improve voice and data access using personal devices, such as smartphones and laptops, while Maridive keeps full control over the IP pipe and related cost.

Maridive is one of the largest marine and oil service companies in the world, with a globally distributed fleet operating in North and West Africa, the Mediterranean, the Caspian Sea and Latin America.

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