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Milano footprint iSeaglobal

Milano Teleport’s C-band coverage. Photo: Milano Teleport

[Via Satellite 02-09-2015] Milano Teleport has increased its C-band services with the addition of three regional beams for its iSeaglobal maritime product. The expansion follows a 35 percent increase in available C-band capacity the company made in December 2014. Milano Teleport now offers four regional C-band beams and three global beams.

“[The] four more large regional beams reinforce coverage in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where mainly oil and gas operations take place. As of today, top customers can extend the above-standard global coverage by adding two more regional satellite beams, one for the East Hemi Asian region and the other for the West Hemi Americas region,” said Nicola Mossino, board member, Milano Teleport.

Additionally, Milano Teleport has developed a customized automatic beam switching that choses the strongest satellite available when presented with a signal failure or blockage angle. Created in 2006, iSeaglobal connects more than 250 vessels though Ku and C band on 25 geostationary satellites. Milano Teleport anticipates continued increase of its C-band capacity this year to support new and existing customers.

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