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NATO Maritime Group Two

NATO Maritime Group Two. Photo: NATO

[Via Satellite 02-22-2016] Orbit Communication Systems has received an order for OceanTRx 4 and OceanTRx 7 systems, its maritime satellite communication solutions, from a European integrator. The contract, valued at $1.5 million, will provide the systems for NATO Navy vessels to allow broadband connectivity at sea. This is the first order of the new contract with the integrator, which Orbit estimates will order multiple C-, Ku- and Ka-band maritime satellite communication systems in the next few years.

OceanTRx4 (1.15m) and OceanTRx7 (2.2m) systems support C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band frequencies in various configurations. The modularity of these systems allows for easy maintenance and upgrade on the ships, as well as top RF performance and dynamic response under all sea conditions. The systems are compatible with international standards, according to Orbit.

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