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Hayabusa2 lands on asteroid, likely collects sample – Satellite News Digest

Japan’s space probe Hayabusa2 successfully landed on the asteroid Ryugu on the morning of 22 February, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said. The Hayabusa2 mission, with a price tag of around ¥30 billion (US$270 million), was launched in December 2014 and is scheduled to return to Earth with its samples in 2020.

Airbus opens new ITC at Friedrichshafen site – Satellite News Digest

Airbus’ Friedrichshafen site has opened its satellite integration and space technology centre known as the Integrated Technology Centre (ITC). The ITC, which triples the area of clean room space to 4,200 m², is dedicated to building satellites, probes, space instruments and experimental technologies. The centre took only two years to build at a total cost…