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Newtec MDM5000 modem DVB-S2X

The Newtec MDM5000 satellite modem. Photo: Newtec

[Via Satellite 02-29-2016] Newtec is planning the launch of its most advanced VSAT modem to date, the Newtec MDM5000 Satellite Modem, at SATELLITE 2016 and Cabsat 2016. The modem will support wideband Digital Video Broadcast-Satellite Second Generation X (DVB-S2X), and will be capable of receiving forward carriers of up to 140 MHz, and processing more than 200 Mbps of throughput. On the return channel, the modem supports Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Newtec’s unique Mx-DMA up to 75 Mbps.

With forward symbol rates from 1 to 133 Mbaud and coding up to 256 Amplitude and Phase Shift Keying (APSK), the MDM5000 is designed to boost efficiency and performance on legacy satellites while maximizing the potential of next-generation High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

As with previous Newtec Dialog modems, the MDM5000 incorporates Layer-3 routing, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) acceleration, pre-fetching, compression and encryption. However, the MDM5000 also supports a new Layer-2 mode, facilitating integration with various networking topologies and routing protocols, like Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). It also comes equipped with dual demodulators, for future seamless beam switching on HTS networks.

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