Orbitcom to Deliver Astra Connect Service from SES in Germany – Satellite Today

SES Antenna Uplink

SES Uplink Antennas. Photo: SES

[Via Satellite 09-26-2014] SES Broadband Services has extended its April 2014 partnership with Orbitcom, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), to distribute Astra Connect to German communities. Orbitcom will be responsible for the service, as well as providing equipment and customer support.

Astra Connect can deliver satellite broadband services to a community through a single antenna using local network infrastructure. Orbitcom will establish a website through which users can browse and purchase packages offered online.

“Our Astra Connect for communities service provides a much needed solution for people who cannot be supplied with a high-speed Internet connection via the terrestrial infrastructure,” said Patrick Biewer, managing director of SES Broadband Services. “By expanding our partnership with Orbitcom, we are able to extend and accelerate the rollout of this solution to villages and communities in Germany.”

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