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[Via Satellite 03-25-2015] RR Media has expanded its 4K capabilities to cover the complete content lifecycle from creation all the way to consumption. The company will cover the full gamut of services including preparation, creation of content and optimizing delivery.

RR Media currently distributes 4K channels for France TV and the Explorer Network using its smart global network, which distributes content Direct-to-Home (DTH) by satellite and fiber to millions of viewers in Europe. The company uses content management facilities in the United States, the U.K. and the Middle East to manage complex projects from end-to-end at higher resolutions.

“We enable our clients to exploit their content commercially in order to be market leaders in qualitative terms. Managing the increased data rates and compression technologies is just a part of the technical services we deliver,” said Elad Manishviz, CMO of RR Media.

Research from IHS Screen Digest Insight projects 100 million households will have Ultra-HD capable screens by 2020.

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