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Vanuatu UNICEF Cyclone Pam

First Responders at Vanuatu evaluating damage following Cyclone Pam. Photo: European Commission/UNICEF Pacific

[Via Satellite 03-20-2015] Digicel Pacific Limited and SES have donated satellite capacity and equipment to the relief effort in Vanuatu, a South Pacific island with a population of approximately 267,000 that was severely impacted by Cyclone Pam. The telco is using capacity from SES’ NSS 9 satellite at 117 degrees west to restore vital communication networks across the island.

“With widespread devastation across Vanuatu, humanitarian organizations are working to deliver food, water and supplies as quickly as possible. Re-establishing communication networks is hastening this process and helping the people of Vanuatu connect with anxious family and friends across the globe,” said Michael Murphy, Asia-Pacific CEO at Digicel.

The category-five cyclone is considered one of the worst natural disasters in the island nation’s history. Terrestrial networks across the archipelago sustained debilitating damage and in some cases are completely destroyed.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Vanuatu, who have witnessed unparalleled devastation to their country and homes. We are glad that we can play a part in restoring communications networks and to provide humanitarian relief via satellite,” said Deepak Mathur, senior vice president of commercial at SES.

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