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[Via Satellite 02-22-2016] During the GSMA Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, Spain, SES announced it is fully committed to the swift deployment of the 5th generation mobile networks called 5G. As a founding member of the 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP), SES actively took part in the whitepaper “5G Empowering Vertical Industries.” The whitepaper presents 5G networks as a key enabler for a broad range of industries, especially the automotive, transportation, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and media and entertainment sectors.

SES is looking to actively promote satellite as an essential building block for a global, profitable and inclusive 5G deployment. In order to cope with the tremendous growth of data demand, including 5G requirements, a combination of terrestrial and satellite wireless technologies is needed, according to SES. Satellites play a key role in allowing the seamless extension of 5G services, by providing connectivity on the sea, in the air and to remote land areas.

“5G must be a seamless integration of different network technologies,” said Karim Michel Sabbagh, SES president and CEO. “No single technology will be able to cope with the data challenges that networks are facing. Only a smart combination of infrastructure will be able to meet the constantly growing demand. Satellite plays a significant role in video broadcasting, trunking, backhauling and communications on the move, and also in complementing terrestrial broadband.”

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