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Ka-Sat Astrium

Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat HTS. Photo: Astrium

[Via Satellite 04-09-2015] Sevis Systems, a developer of backhaul optimization technology, has successfully validated its platform for backhaul services on Eutelsat Communications’ Ka-Sat satellite. The new solution offers a more affordable and optimized satellite backhaul service to specialized satellite service providers delivering end-to-end backhaul bandwidth to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Sevis and Eutelsat are now offering the solution across Ka-Sat’s entire footprint of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

These new services can deliver 3G and LTE to remote or rural locations without access to terrestrial backhaul. Ka-Sat’s ability to provide backhaul connectivity between a core network and the access infrastructure at a remote site is suitable for mobile operators and Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) for emergency services and civil defense. The Sevis integrated solution also allows service providers to develop and deliver software-defined backhaul services.

Photo: Eutelsat

Photo: Eutelsat

Based on Sevis’ scalable 7000-Series hardware platform designed for IP high throughput backhaul environments, Eutelsat’s partners and users can now leverage Sevis’ optimization technology. In conjunction with Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat high throughput network, the solution is designed to improve Return On Investment (ROI) savings for satellite service providers and MNOs conducting 3G backhaul, while establishing a seamless migration path to LTE backhaul, traffic offload and overflow.

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