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[Via Satellite 01-09-2015] SiriusXM reached 27.3 million subscribers in 2014, adding more subscribers than anticipated based on the company’s guidance. In 2014 SiriusXM gained 1.75 million net subscriber additions, having originally anticipated 1.5 million. The company had 1.44 million self-pay net additions, again surpassing the expected guidance of 1.25 million and resulting in ending self-pay subscriptions of more than 22.5 million. For 2015, SiriusXM now expects approximately 1.2 million net subscriber additions and roughly $4.4 billion in revenue.

“With more people than ever subscribing to satellite radio, we expect the company’s strong performance to continue in 2015,” said Jim Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM, adding that the company is investing in new services for the connected vehicle.

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