T.S. Kelso on cataloguing satellites in 2018 – Satellite News Digest

"With 112 launches, 2018 saw the most launches since 1990. While 1984 still holds the record with 129 launches, that was for 170 payloads, compared to 413 for 2018–an all-time record. That does not include another 25 payloads deployed from the ISS. Keeping up with all these objects is proving a challenge. USSTRATCOM still shows 14 of 25 ISS deployments in 2018 as unidentified and 161 of 588 objects from 2018 launches are, as well. 112 are from December launches alone. What goes up doesn’t always come down. 819 new objects were cataloged in 2018 but only 232 objects have decayed from orbit in 2018." (Dr. T.S. Kelso via Twitter)


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