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Telefonica del Peru

Telefonica del Peru connects rural communities in Peru through mobile connectivity. Photo: Telefonica del Peru

[Via Satellite 09-24-2014] Telefonica del Peru, the Peruvian arm of the Telefonica Group, has upgraded to iDirect Evolution using iDX 3.2 software in order to increase data rates and bandwidth efficiency.

According to iDirect, the decision was prompted by one of Telefonica del Peru’s customers, telemedicine provider Essalud, opening up a bidding process for a network provider. Following the upgrade, Telefonica del Peru won the bid, and iDirect Evolution has assisted the company in delivering global spectral efficiency of 1.8bps/hz and 99.8 availability to 151 sites for Essalud.

iDirect Evolution met the criteria established by Essalud, including doubling the IP data rate for delivering services. Telefonica del Peru intends to use Evolution during the upcoming national elections in addition to pursuing other new opportunities with domestic government and enterprise customers.

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