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MCP Telenor MarCom

MCP provides communications to cruise ships and other vessels. Photo: MCP

[Via Satellite 04-23-2015] Telenor Maritime Radio is integrating its MarCom commercial maritime communications business unit with Maritime Communications Partner (MCP). Telenor ASA fully owns MCP, which has focused primarily on global coverage for cruise, ferry and offshore verticals. MarCom has focused on the Nordic market, providing satellite communications to ferries and other vessels. The transfer, which is internal to Telenor, enables MCP to expand and bolster its presence in Europe and the United States, as well as look to tap into Asia.

“We are developing our technology portfolio to address a bigger market in the maritime industry that consumes ever more bandwidth. We are integrating satellite and mobile to ensure the best possible customer experiences. Additionally, we will be able to increase the efficiency of, and develop the whole value chain resulting in cost efficient solutions,” said MCPs CEO Frode Støldal.

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