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Photo: ebayink (Flickr)

Photo: ebayink (Flickr)

[Via Satellite 06-01-2015] Thaicom, in partnership with a joint venture between Kantana Group and Intouch Holdings, is launching a second screen platform in Thailand, starting with the TV show Gossip Girl. Channel 3 Television Network, one of Thailand’s largest broadcasters, is licensed to transmit the U.S. show, which will begin airing in early July. The 2nd screen service will be available to download in the Apple store and Google Play store at the end of June.

The goal of the second screen service is to encourage viewers to use their mobile devices while watching the show. The platform will give access to additional content such as on-demand video, bonus scenes, additional information about characters, actors and plotlines, as well as games, quizzes, shopping, and social networking opportunities. Sponsors and retail companies will also have opportunities such as unique advertisements, including interactive and “gamified” ads, and exclusive discounts and shopping opportunities for viewers.

“Gossip Girl is an ideal program for the second screen launch due the shows appeal to younger, tech-savvy viewers,” said Sasikorn Chansate, CEO of television business at Kantana Group. “Viewers will be able to watch the program when and where they want, as much as they want, and will also be able to interact with other fans online. We are especially excited to hear viewers’ feedback on the service.”

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