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Via Satellite October / November 2015

[Via Satellite 10-28-2015] The October/November issue of Via Satellite Magazine is out, and in it we take a look at ways satellite is being used in the energy sector, broadcasting in India, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, each of these fields is in flux. Declining oil prices are leading energy companies to discover new ways to become more efficient, digitization is yielding new DTH opportunities in the world’s largest democracy, and IoT — satellite’s hopeful playground — promises to unlock a myriad of new applications for connectivity.

Via Satellite talked to leaders and experts in each of these fields. For a preview of this latest issue, here are the top 10 quotes from the 2015 October/November edition of Via Satellite magazine:

“The satellite M2M market is growing strongly and consistently. It is not growing as fast as the cellular M2M market, but that it is because there are a number of high-volume applications specific to cellular that are growing particularly quickly over the next few years, such as smart metering and connected car.” Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research

“There are already over 400,000 Ultra-HD enabled TV sets already sold in India. I think that number is going to grow. The television panel prices are going down. Once 4K sets become more popular, I think they are going to follow the same path as HD in India. Once devices get sold, content follows and then it will happen. In terms of HD, you had sports channels go to HD first, and then the general entertainment channels, movie channels and now you have even the regional channels in India going HD,” — Himanshu Patil, COO, Videocon

“It will not take many years before you will see all the vessels in the world will be connected,” Kari Terho, VP of IoT, Elisa Corporation

“Satellite bandwidth needs to be more agile. Agility can mean three different things: a flexible pipe that can burst at a higher rate when needed; a fixed-rate pipe that can reprioritize the data travelling down the pipe; or a connection has the freedom to move from one region to the next. The last point is particularly important in today’s business climate. Our clients are chasing after day rates like never before.” — Tracey Haslam, president, Harris CapRock Communications

“There has certainly been a shift in the market with a number of rigs being cold-stacked or simply scrapped. During the last surge in drilling activity, none of the drilling companies retired any of their rigs.”Morten Hansen, chief technology officer, RigNet

“India is now moving toward being an over-the-air market and this will improve once there is better availability of broadband. There are also over 450 million smartphones in India. The moment good quality broadband is available, online consumption will multiply,” — Harit Nagpal, CEO, Tata Sky

“HTS have lots of benefits but they add a lot of complexity. Overall, HTS will lower the price per bit and this will enable more content to be transmitted, like real time seismic data,” — Tracey Haslam, president, Harris CapRock Communications
“Our lives are associated with outer space on a daily basis, communication, forecast, navigation, etc. Having an experience in this field is desired worldwide,” — Jaber Saeed Bawazir, scholarship student, Es’hailSat

“If consumers move online, we don’t want them to sacrifice their satellite connection to do so. We also want to upgrade our technology so this can include 4K and expanding our wireless offerings. So, we are aiming to sell consumers more products,” RC Venkateish, CEO, Dish TV

“The current situation has energy companies exploring their options. They are using this hiatus in the market to change anything from the antennas they use, to the terms and conditions they agree to, to the service providers that serve their fleets.” Susan Bull, senior consultant, Comsys

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