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X2nSat ST4G. Photo: X2nSat

X2nSat ST4G. Photo: X2nSat

[Via Satellite 3-18-2015] SES announced X2nSat has doubled its Ku-band capacity aboard the SES 2 spacecraft to power its new generation ST4G broadband service, delivering higher speeds and the reliability of Ku-band satellite capacity across North America.

To offer connection speeds up to 15 megabits per second, X2nSat has tapped both the coverage of the SES 2 satellite and the Newtec broadband platform, including hubs and terminals. Newtec is providing the ground infrastructure for X2nSat’s ST4G business enterprise platform.

X2nSat’s ST4G broadband solution serves as the primary business continuity platform for multiple industries, from businesses using machine-to-machine and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks to mission-critical healthcare systems.

“Our service provides businesses with the network experience they have been accustomed to, with terrestrial capabilities such as MPLS and metro Ethernet fiber,” said Garrett Hill, CEO of X2nSat.

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