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Much of the greater Arab Maghreb region as seen by the Suomi NPP satellite. Photo: Norman Kuring, NASA GSFC

[Via Satellite 11-16-2015] Yahlive, through a new partnership with Paris-based Sahli Media Group, has launched a bouquet of 43 channels for the Greater Arab Maghreb region. The Free-to-Air (FTA) channels include news, entertainment and lifestyle content. The line-up includes original Arabic TV entertainment and a variety of local channels along with premium international channels including BBC Arabic, MBC and Fox Movies.

“We have worked closely with regional broadcasters to ensure we are delivering familiar local channels, along with international favorites. This latest development has increased the available channels by 25 percent, enabling viewers to access over 200 channels from all over the region,” said Sami Boustany, CEO of Yahlive.

Yahlive viewers across Northern Africa will gain access to the new channels, 20 of which are only available exclusively through the operator.

“Bringing a bouquet of exclusive local channels dedicated to our region’s viewers will not only give them more choice, but will allow other local broadcasters to join, thus creating a Greater Maghreb satellite TV hub,” added Samir Sahli, CEO of Sahli Media Group.

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