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UK Power Networks Arqiva

Photo: UK Power Networks

[Via Satellite 01-15-2016] Arqiva has received a contract from UK Power Networks to build a new satellite communications network that collects critical data from 700 remote sites across the electricity distribution networks in the south east and east of England. Work on the migration to a new encrypted Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communications network started in July 2015, and is scheduled for completion by the end of June 2016.

Arqiva is providing the design, installation and on-going management of the new VSAT network via one of its teleport facilities. According to the company, the new low latency, high availability IP network will provide UK Power Networks with greater flexibility, resilience and advanced network security.

The mains-independent design also ensures that, even in the event of disruption to the national grid, UK Power Networks has full control of its distribution infrastructure with an “always-on” telemetry connection to its remote sites.

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