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Cobham Satcom Explorer Flood South Carolina

Cobham Satcom’s Chevrolet Suburban demo unit, with a brand new, Explorer 8100 VSAT satellite system. Photo: Cobham Satcom

[Via Satellite 10-21-2015] Cobham Satcom, in response to heavy rains in South Carolina in the U.S., has redirected the demonstration SUV for the company’s first Explorer 8100 VSAT system in the country from its course toward an exhibition in Baltimore, Md. to support the American Red Cross’ ongoing disaster response.

South Carolina endured record-breaking rainfall — as much as 14 inches in 24 hours — earlier this month, closing more than 300 roads and causing the evacuation of residents in the worst hit areas. Cobham Satcom sent its Chevrolet suburban demo unit to provide communications in lieu of terrestrial and cellular services, which were down in many parts of the state.

“Our first two days in South Carolina were spent helping the Red Cross at their temporary headquarters. We then moved to Georgetown in rural South Carolina to provide communication facilities at the staging point for fire-rescue, swift water rescue teams and Army National Guard soldiers picking evacuees up in boats,” said Nick Upchurch, sales engineer at Cobham Satcom.

Designed with technology from Cobham Satcom’s maritime antennas, the land-based Explorer 8100 VSAT overcomes the challenge of transmission interruptions when the vehicle experiences sudden movements or rocking on its suspension when people enter and exit. A dynamic pointing correction feature ensures uninterrupted transmission to the satellite when similar antennas would experience a loss of signal.

Cobham Satcom’s demo SUV was also equipped with an Explorer 727 system for use on Inmarsat satellites and a satellite push-to-talk system. Responders used both systems to support recovery operations in South Carolina.

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