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Seatback in-flight entertainment via IFC

Seatback in-flight entertainment via IFC. Photo: Global Eagle Entertainment

[Via Satellite 02-05-2015] Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) is jointly designing a new In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) antenna with Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH (QEST). The new global antenna aims to provide airlines with a reliable, high-speed IFC solution that operates at all latitudes — including equatorial regions — where Ku and Ku High Throughput Satellite (HTS) coverage is available.

The global GEE-QEST antenna, with availability scheduled for mid-2016, will be optimized for use with upcoming Ku-band HTS systems and will be fully compatible with existing Ku-band satellite systems. The antenna will use a steerable pointing system to optimize coverage anywhere a commercial aircraft flies. It will be compatible with GEE’s current installation architecture and Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), and is also intended to meet the requirements for future line fit installations.

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