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Hera Systems

Artist’s rendition of a Hera Systems satellite. Photo: Hera Systems.

[Via Satellite 11-20-2015] Starting with nine satellites and later scaling up to 48, San Jose, Calif.-based Hera Systems revealed its intentions to launch a constellation of high-resolution Earth Observation (EO) satellites starting in October 2016. The company recently completed its Series A round of investment funding, with Firsthand Capital as the lead investor. Hera Systems used the funding to fabricate a mockup satellite that demonstrates its technology, purchase components for the construction of the initial satellites, and make commitments to launch opportunities. The startup’s spacecraft passed their Preliminary Design Review (PDR) late last month.

Hera Systems’ satellites are designed to capture one-meter and higher resolution imagery and video of any location, coupled with analytics and derived information accessible through mobile applications. The initial nine-satellite constellation, featuring sun-synchronous and inclined orbit capabilities will enable coverage of the entire globe at varying times during the day. The full 48-satellite constellation is expected to provide near-hourly updates.

Hera Systems’ staff currently includes nearly 30 team members, which the company expects to double within the next 12 months. Target markets for the Hera Systems constellation are commercial and government organizations that require regular monitoring of Earth’s changing features.

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