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[Via Satellite 10-31-2014] Euroconsult predicts the growth of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems will see use climb from 107 Gbps in 2014 to just above 1,300 Gbps in 2023. This equates to a Calculated Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 30 percent during the years between, according to the research group’s latest report: “High Throughput Satellites: On Course for New Horizons.”

High Throughput Satellite Euroconsult

High Throughput Satellite (HTS) forecasts. Photo: Euroconsult.

Euroconsult anticipates that total HTS capacity supply will nearly triple over the next three years alone, from 600 Gbps in 2014 to 1,720 Gbps in 2017. Furthermore, more than 100 new HTS payloads and satellites are expected to launch over the next decade. This increase in HTS systems is expected to create fierce competition for market leadership everywhere outside of North America, where vertically integrated incumbents make new entrants difficult. Frequencies besides Ka band are predicted to grow in popularity as well.

“Ka-band HTS should remain the dominant frequency band in all vertical markets in terms of capacity usage; nonetheless, Ku-band HTS capacity usage is projected to accelerate from 2017 to reach around 150 Gbps by 2023, largely driven by professional user markets which often have high reliability and availability requirements,” said Nathan de Ruiter, senior consultant, Euroconsult.

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