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Hughes Airborne Satcom System

The Hughes Airborne Satcom System featuring the new HM200 Modem installed on a NorthStar Aviation Bell 407 Multi-role Helicopter. Photo: Hughes

[Via Satellite 11-05-2015] Hughes Networks Systems has unveiled its new HM System, engineered around its Software-Definable Modem (SDM) technology and Scrambled Code Multiple Access (SCMA) waveform. Hughes is launching with three Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products for government applications.

The new HM System employs a commercially based, open standards architecture and band-agnostic platform that enables solutions to meet a variety of mobility and portability requirements for government users. In addition to supporting fixed applications, the HM System provides satellite-on-the-move capabilities for airborne, maritime and land mobility solutions, including a complete, ultra-compact and portable terminal for small teams reliant on quick-deploy connectivity. With the first gateway installed and fully operational in September, the COTS products are now ready for market rollout.

There are three HM System product solutions based on the new waveform technology. HM100 is an enterprise application modem; HM200 is a Satellite-on-the-Move (SOTM), ruggedized modem; and the HM300 is an ultra-compact, portable terminal.

Suitable applications for the HM System include Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance (ISR), border patrol, search and rescue, disaster response, wildfire monitoring, oil platform communications, cellular backhaul and airborne Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications.

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