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Marlink VSAT

Marlink VSAT for new ultra-large containerships. Photo: Marlink

[Via Satellite 05-20-2015] The Airbus Defence and Space company Marlink won a contract to provide satellite connectivity for United Arab Shipping Company’s (UASC’s) 17 ultra-large containerships. Built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, the ships will have 24/7 connectivity with unlimited traffic volume on Marlink Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services.

With constant connectivity, UASC will be able to continuously monitor engine performance and emissions, meaning the company can adjust voyage parameters per vessel based on trends throughout the fleet. The satellite connectivity also enables UASC’s fleet management system and electronic document handling systems, while providing ample bandwidth for crew communications.

Additionally, UASC selected Airbus Defence and Space’s SkyFile Mail solution for email and crucial data transfer including fuel-monitoring data, Global Positioning System (GPS) updates, and engine performance data. The company also plans to use Airbus Defence and Space’s XChange communications management platform for high-end crew welfare functionality. The agreement includes a Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) back-up system to ensure continuing connectivity for critical applications at all times.

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