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Kudelski Security Nagra

Kudelski Security. Photo: Nagra, Kudelski Group

[Via Satellite 09-23-2015] Nagra has shipped its anyCAST Command product to Echostar Technologies for use in the company’s production of 4K-capable Set-Top Boxes (STBs) for EchoStar’s joint clients. In addition to supporting 4K services, the technology circumvents popular forms of piracy such as control word sharing.

Nagra’s anyCAST Command, part of the company’s new anyCAST Security Services Platform, folds both decryption and descrambling into a single device. According to the company, these functions have long occurred in two separate devices, namely the conditional access vendor’s smart card and the STB chipset. The unification of decryption and descrambling both increases the security and simplifies integration by reducing STB testing and certification. The anyCAST Command solution will also be available in different form factors, including smartcard, STB companion chip and others.

“We strongly believe that having an operator-controlled security component separate from the [System on a Chip] SoC but anchored to it is the best way to secure one of the world’s most high-value satellite services,” said Mark Jackson, president of EchoStar.


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