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NASA Marshall SLS

NASA is developing the RS-25 engines for the Space Launch System (SLS) at the Marshall Center. Photo: NASA/Stennis

[Via Satellite 01-14-2015] Firefly Space Systems, designer of a dedicated SmallSat launch vehicle dubbed Firefly Alpha, has reached a Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA’s George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) to collaborate on the design and commercial development of its rocket. NASA will lend expertise in the areas of technical consultation, engineering services, and concept/design reviews.

“The knowledge-base of their staff is unparalleled, and the access to them afforded through the Space Act Agreements is of significant value to Firefly, and indeed the entire new space community. It’s a great program that will help Firefly to more rapidly mature our vehicle design,” said Tom Markusic, co-founder and CEO of Firefly Space Systems.

The Firefly Alpha rocket is the first of a scalable family of launch vehicles targeting the small satellite market. The company is using technologies such as a methane aerospike engine to bring launch costs for small satellites under $10 million dollars.

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