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NTU Thales Singapore

NTU and Thales officials at the launch of S4TIN. Photo: NTU

[Via Satellite 02-13-2015] Thales Alenia Space and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are establishing a joint research laboratory on NTU’s campus dedicated to developing new concepts and technology for small satellites. The lab, named Smart Small Satellite Systems-Thales in NTU (S4TIN), will focus on spacecraft with a mass of less than 100 kilograms.

Thales Research and Technology Singapore and NTU have worked together on previous projects in the past. Together, Thales Alenia Space and NTU have agreed on joint satellite programs to pursue, including one on space-based infrared imaging, and another on Automatic Identification System (AIS) for maritime security.

NTU has four satellites in orbit today, and two more that are nearly complete. One, VELOX CI is Singapore’s first climate satellite, and the other, VELOX 2, is an experimental communications spacecraft. The university also announced the opening of its Satellite Research Center 2 (SaRC-2), which houses modern satellite communications and research equipment.

“Using the expertise we gained, we are now tackling an even bigger challenge,” said Freddy Boey, NTU Provost Professor and co-founder of S4TIN. “Together with Thales, we now aim to develop more advanced satellite technology to bring the world better telecommunications and more accurate climate sensing and observation data. This is also the more sustainable route, as smaller satellites require less resources and time to build, launch and operate.”

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