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XipLink XipOS QoS

Class Based Queuing view of XipOS version 3.0. Photo: XipLink

[Via Satellite 03-31-2015] XipLink and SES Government Solutions (SES GS) have teamed up to deploy advanced acceleration and optimization technology for the U.S. government at a lower cost per bit. SES GS customers will use XipLink’s XipOS system, which provides Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) acceleration using the Space Communications Protocol Standard (SCPS), byte caching for data de-duplication, link balancing-bonding to virtually increase link capacities with high availability, and more bandwidth to support High Throughput Satellites (HTS). XipOS complements Type 1, Suite B and other encryption methods, and features fast-start and byte-caching capabilities for a faster user experience.

“XipLink provides scalable and fully interoperable solutions across a wide product line including appliances, virtual machine deployments and single board computer integrations. By teaming with SES GS, we can offer the government a market-leading TCP accelerator as well as next-generation wireless link optimization capabilities for Web, [Transmission Control Protocol] UDP and TCP traffic,” said Jack Waters, CEO, XipLink.

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