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DeLorme inReach Explorer

DeLorme’s inReach Explorer. Photo: DeLorme

[Via Satellite 02-11-2015] DeLorme announced the availability of new enterprise plans and services that will make it easier for business and government customers to track, monitor and communicate with workers in remote locations using inReach personal satellite communicators.

DeLorme’s inReach handheld devices provide interactive SOS alerting, GPS tracking and locating and two-way text messaging anywhere on Earth through the global Iridium satellite network. When coupled with DeLorme’s enterprise portal, inReach satellite communicators provide a solution for oil and gas, mining, forestry, utilities and telecommunications companies, as well as disaster relief, law enforcement, medical teams and government agencies with operations over wide areas beyond cellular coverage.

The DeLorme secure enterprise portal provides centralized management and networking of deployed inReach devices. Customers can track hundreds of inReach users simultaneously from multiple locations, organize groups of users, initiate or switch off remote tracking for any unit, adjust response intervals, ping device locations, communicate via two-way text messaging with inReach individuals or groups, and record tracks, locations and messages.

The inReach team-tracking feature allows users to view the locations and communicate directly with other users. DeLorme also provides a Web-based API tool for enterprise software developers, enabling each organization to customize the system for its specific needs.

“Safety and security of workers in the field is an increasing concern,” said Jim Skillings, vice president of commercial products for DeLorme. “Despite the growth in terrestrial wireless networks, there are still many open spaces that are off the grid. Our inReach satellite communicators provide a vital lifeline for workers wherever they go, and our enterprise plans provide a wealth of value-added features for companies and organizations with inReach users around the world.”

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