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[Via Satellite 11-12-14] Avanti has unveiled its new education service, Avanti Connected Education, which will deliver Internet-enabled learning to thousands of children in Africa. The service seeks to improve the education of these children by connecting their schools with high-speed satellite Internet. Additionally, Avanti seeks to create a model where communities can generate revenue to keep education initiatives running.

Project iMlango infographic

Project iMlango facts. Photo: Avanti Communications

The company has deployed a number of education services in the region, most recently with Project iMlango in Kenya. Avanti leads a consortium in partnership with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) to reach 100,000 children, a quarter of whom are marginalized girls.

“Our ‘Connect-Develop-Sustain’ strategy uniquely addresses the numerous challenges facing decision makers within the education sector across Africa. Our leading Ka-band satellite technology provides a resilient, high-speed and quick-to-deploy solution beyond fiber, capable of meeting long-term socio-economic goals for African education,” said Paul Feenan, director of Avanti Government Services.

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